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How to setup AirTurn QUAD to send Start/Stop commands to Cakewalk DAW?

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  • How to setup AirTurn QUAD to send Start/Stop commands to Cakewalk DAW?

    How do I setup AirTurn QUAD to send Start/Stop commands to Cakewalk DAW?

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    Hey tdehan!

    It isn't a MIDI function however, to Play/Stop in Cakewalk you need to use the SPACEBAR command. This is a default message on both the current and legacy QUAD models. For the QUAD 200, switch to Mode 5 and the first pedal. If you have a Quad BT-106, use Mode 6 and the first pedal.


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      Sorry if I am confusing the ask here.

      I want to use the QUAD to both turn pages (which it is already set up to do) and to start/stop Cakewalk DAW. Which pedal are you considering the "first" pedal? Presently the pedal to the extreme right is activating Page Down on my tablet. The pedal second from the left is activating Page Up. I am aware that the application I want to control needs to be in focus in order for the pedals to work. When I have the music app displayed I need the pedal to turn the pages (Page Down / Page Up). When Cakewalk DAW is in focus I need the pedal to Start/Stop the DAW.

      How do I configure this to work?



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        The QUAD 200 can be reprogrammed using our AirTurn Manager app on iOS/Mac/Android. Simply connect your pedal to the app, select the Mode you want to program, then select the pedal you want to program and change the Keyboard Code to "SPACEBAR". Once your changes are made go back to the home screen of the app and select "Save to AirTurn". Check out our how-to article on AirTurn Manager here ( As always, feel free to give us a call if you are unable to get it setup.


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          Got it. I have it working.

          I have a couple questions. In the menu of Airturn Manager for the QUAD under MODE 2 it lists 5 switches? Is it referring to the pedals as switches? If so, why 5 when the unit has 4 pedals. Also, When I try to change the setting for Switch 1 which is set as ch. 1 CC: Hold 2 on the Airturn Manager app crashes immediately when I select Switch 1 and kicks me out of the app.

          What direction are the pedals numbered? in my screenshot below is the way I have it numbered correct?

          Here is how I set this up in Airturn Manager however, it was hit or miss as the assignments didn't go to the pedals I wanted them to. I would prefer to have the Spacebar on what I list as pedal 2 and the Page Up on what I list as pedal 3. See the second screenshot below.

          Again, when i try to edit Switch One the app crashes and shuts me out.

          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            Ah, some Android devices will not be able to update to the latest version of the app so that looks to be the case here. The old mapping from this version does have two and three swapped as that was the earlier layout on the Quad, so yes you will have to swap those when programming on your device. If you have an iOS or Mac device that will be a newer version of the app, still working on getting Android up to date. If you have a system update available make sure to install that as well. The 5th switch is the center button on the remote, 1-4 are both buttons and pedals.


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              When you say "some Android device" do you have an idea of which Android devices? Would an older Android device perhaps be better than a new one with the AirTurn Manager?


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                It varies with Android but generally yes, the last several releases have only been to iOS and Mac due to developer constraints. If you need any help troubleshooting please reach out to us directly at [email protected] or 888-247-1223.