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    Are there any future plans to design an AirTurn Tap model that would allow the tap sensitivity to be adjusted for different stick attack strengths? For example, I'm a full-time, working drummer and play with several different groups ranging in volume from a very quiet jazz duo in a supper club, to a fairly soft church band, to a screaming 11-piece funk band. For the first two, I use multi-rod types of sticks, while for the funk band, I use 7A size sticks (or sometimes larger). I find that with the multi-rods, I must really smack the TAP's pad as hard as I can to get the pages to turn, often creating more volume from the pad attack than I make on the drums. It would be great if I could either: A) be able to adjust the sensitivity of the unit to match the rods, or B) quickly and easily change to a more sensitive kind of pad. Any solutions for this problem on the horizon? If something is being considered, I will certainly buy it.

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    It is definitely on our list for features to add to the new version of the TAP, but we have not begun r&d on this model yet as pedal redesigns have taken priority. We hope to begin designing a new version in late 2020 or early 2021 however!


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      Good to know that it's included in the plans. I'll keep watching and hoping. Thanks for the info.