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  • Paper to Digital Music FAQ

    Transitioning from paper to digital music is a big step and can be a steep hill to climb for some users. Don't worry, there are a few simple ways to complete the journey!

    -Scanning Paper Music

    -Digital Download Sites

    -From Paper to Pixels - Your Guide to the Digital Sheet Music Revolution

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    Have moved almost exclusively to digital sheet music and it has made gigging life so much easier on an iPad Pro 12.9.

    I mainly use two apps, Newzik and forScore.

    Newzik is really good for using on stage, set lists etc are seamless and works fantastic with my Airturn, but the clincher for me is by using an .xml file I can transpose charts in app.

    forScore also very good but added bonus of the Darkroom function, snap a piece of music and import as a PDF